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Stephanie Murray, Senior Short Break Specialist

"Córdoba is perhaps best known for its Mezquita, one of Europe’s largest mosques housing a Renaissance cathedral at its core. Climb the 93 metre high bell tower located within the minaret for excellent views of the city, then explore the fascinating maze of narrow lanes in the Jewish quarter with its whitewashed buildings, shops, and plenty of historical sites along the way. "

Córdoba at a glance

Once the capital of Muslim Spain, today Córdoba is a typical bustling Andalusian city that keeps pace with the modern world while ensuring its history remains very much alive. An atmosphere that speaks of past glory days and current trends, Córdoba’s fascinating sites and intriguing small streets, lined with whitewashed houses, shops and restaurants, invite visitors to explore all that makes this provincial capital so enticing.

Córdoba is watermarked by an illustrious history that at one time placed it as one of the most populated cities in the world. A cultural centre revered across Europe, Córdoba was famous for having the largest library in existence, some 3,000 mosques, 300 public baths and a host of magnificent palaces, some of which still remain as testimony to the city’s glorious reign.

Today, Córdoba’s large urban area is the largest of its kind listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it lays claim to the second largest Old Town in Europe. Stunning, historical architecture draws visitors each year to many of the city’s sites, including the Great Mosque of Córdoba, considered to be one of the world’s best examples of Moorish architecture and the 1st century BC Roman bridge which spans the Guadalquiver River.

Perfect if you’re looking for:

  • Historic attractions
  • Stunning architecture
  • Art and culture

Getting around

A public bus service is available in the urban areas of Córdoba. There is also a high speed train that connects the city to Seville (45 min journey) and Madrid (2 hour journey). 

Dining in Córdoba

Eating out in Córdoba is undeniably a cultural experience rooted in tradition where the heady scent of Arabian spices combine with olive oil, fresh seafood and local produce to create time honoured dishes.

Must-try local dishes:

  • Salmorejo cordobés – a cold, thick tomato soup that is made with tomatoes, bread, oil, garlic, and vinegar, often served with a Spanish Serrano ham and hard-boiled egg garnish
  • Flamenquines – fried slices of ham stuffed with cheese
  • Pastel cordobés – a puff pastry cake filled with a pumpkin jam and topped with roasted almonds, castor sugar and cinnamon

Get your tailor-made city break itinerary

Osprey Holidays can create a fabulous short break to Córdoba designed completely around your needs. We can arrange whatever you need, including:

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Important information
Population 328,488
Languages Castillian
Currency Euro
Visa Information No visa required for UK citizens
Average temperatures

(monthly highs °C)

Interesting facts

Visit the Mezquita, known as The Great Mosque of Córdoba, one of the world's greatest examples of Moorish architecture now a Catholic cathedral.

Distance from airports
Córdoba 6 km
Seville 132 km
Malaga 170 km
Railway stations
Córdoba Central

Things to do in Córdoba

Visit the beautiful walled gardens of the AlcázarLa Judería, the old Jewish quarter; and the Mezquita, the Great Mosque of Córdoba, which is now a Catholic cathedral.

Tours and Excursions

Historical Guided Walking Tour

Historically, Córdoba was both an important Roman settlement and major Islamic centre, which is evident in the eclectic architectural styles. This tour centres around the highlight of this unique city, La Mezquita, the former Great Mosque that was converted to a Roman Catholic church when the city returned to Christian rule in the 13th century.

Jewish Quarter and Alcazar

Explore the narrow streets of the Jewish Quarter followed by a visit to the 14th Century Alcazar of the Christian Kings. Take a relaxing stroll through the Moorish inspired gardens and admire the variety of plants, ponds and fountains. 

Flamenco Show

 Whilst often more associated with Seville, Córdoba has a thriving Flamenco scene and some of Spain’s best dancers are from here. Enjoy an evening at the renowned Tablao el Cardenal, on the site of the old archbishop’s palace soaking up the vibrant atmosphere.                                                     

We would be happy to arrange an excursion for you. To discuss options with a member of our knowledgeable team or to book, please contact us on 0131 243 8098.